Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cartoon Network Fusion Fall

Hello there!

As I mentioned in past post, I worked on a really cool project earlier this year at Freestyle Collective in nyc. It was kept secret until NOW! Fusion Fall is officially available for viewing over at their website. It was a lot of work in a short time frame, but I was really happy with the results. The image featured on the link and is from one of my shots

Here is the breakdown of what shots I worked on:
1. Shot where they are all huddled around the guy pressing the button. (I didn't animate the hologram t-rex in the shot)
2. Weapon grabbing shot.
3. Anime style reveals (like the pic above). All 3 reveals.

This has been sitting away for so long, so it's great to finally share it! We had a great little crew on it. Enjoy!

Blue Sky Studios

Hey Everyone,

Quick update. I just wanted to let anyone who actually checks this blog that I accepted a temp position over at Blue Sky Studios. I was hired to help out on Ice Age 3 as Animation Technical Assistant. I am super excited and everyone here has been great in helping me adjust to the new job. Stay tuned for more stuff. New demo reel coming soon.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Smile" Blocking and Updates

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting anything animation related in a LONG time. I have worked on some cool stuff this past year and haven't received the ok to show any of it. Hopefully I will be able to finally show the two game cinematics I was lucky enough to work on. One was for Tronic and the other a Cartoon Network cinematic done over at Freestyle Collective. I also had a chance to work with some friends over at GuerillaFX on some national Checker's spots. For those wondering, "First Date" will be completed. I have been working on a test shot for my demo reel to apply to some film studios. Breaking back into film has NOT been easy and I hope this test shot will be the tipping point for me to work on a feature. I will talk more about some of the things I have learned so far about dealing with artistic struggles in a later posting. For now...ANIMATION!!!

Here was my blocking for a test shot I am calling "Smile". Some minor things are changing, but not much. Hope you like and as always comments are HIGHLY appreciated.
Click the word "Smile" to view!

Smile Blocking

Thanks for stopping by.

Peace and Chicken Grease!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Here is my contribution to the Vampirella topic over at DrawItUp. Hope you like my design for it. Definitely take a chance to look at everyone else's's pretty damn cool.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Draw It Up!

Thanks for checking up (probably just me),

Recently, 3 other artists and myself formed a new blog called DrawItUp to basically get better at illustration and character design. I will probably post work on both blogs for now, but you will miss out on what the others are doing. Check it out and let me know what you think. Below is my first official posting. It's far from perfect, but it's my first color illustration in a LONG time.


Friday, June 27, 2008

The Story of Stuff

Sorry for the lack of posting! I am actually working on a couple of things are going to be ready to post really soon.

In the meantime, click the link below for something that is extremely important as well as it's animated! That's my kind of entertainment.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Help stop the Orphan Works Act of 2008

My day usually starts with a quick read over at, a site dedicated to anything that has been drawn in some way. On May 13th they posted an a blog entry regarding a new act that is being introduced to the U.S. House and Senate called the "Orphan Works Act". Here is the link to drawn's posting so please take action! The site takes a moment to load so give it a chance. I have already gone through the process and it literally took 2 minutes.

It amazes me how there are people in high places constantly looking for ways to control what isn't theirs. It is our responsibility as citizens of this country to make sure we are informed and make our voices heard on these absurd acts.

Unfortunately I just heard of the act today (May 14th, 2008) and according to the posting the deadline to submit to your congress and state representatives is tomorrow. It amazes me how our news stations will spend weeks talking about Paris Hilton and Miley Cirus but fail to inform us on what matters. Please pass the word!


Sunday, January 27, 2008


You read it right. I finally graduated from! It was a great ceremony. I won't go on for too long on this post, but my wife and I flew out to beautiful San Francisco, California to attend. It was great to be able to make new AM friends and finally meet some of my classmates for the first time. I was part of AM's first class ever and because of work I had to take breaks between some of my quarters. Unfortunately for me, all of my old classmates (ex. David Sloss, Gordana Fersini, and Chris Caufield) have graduated a long time ago.

The ceremony was great. No really! I will just say this...Pete Doctor was our commencement speaker! For those of you who don't know him, he was THE director of "Monsters Inc" from Pixar. He also is responsible for some of the most creative animated short films I have ever had the pleasure of viewing (try to find them because they are damn good). One other great aspect of it all was the opportunity to actually meet some of the mentors in person. Rick O'Conner (ILM), Victor Navone (Pixar), and Jason Scheifler (Dreamworks) to name a few.

Overall it just felt great to wrap up school (my wife is the happiest of all) . From now on I will have to learn from experience (which is great). I have learned so much at AnimationMentor and there is still so much more to learn.

I definitely wouldn't have been able to juggle AM and full time work without my wife! She is truly a blessing :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Circle of Art

If you have ever watched Disney's "Lion King", then you walked away learning the valuable lesson about the "circle of life". I have dedicated a large amount of time in the last few years trying to improve in the art form of animation while sneaking time in for drawing whenever possible. After the last quarter ended I felt like I needed to take some time (no exact amount) to step away from the short film so that I could come back to it with fresh eyes and address any issues with a clear mind. This decision to step away created a perfect opportunity for me to dedicate time to drawing and my goal for the upcoming year to finally conquer my fear of color (yes...color scares me).

My first step was to go and see the celebration of Dutch artist at the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in NYC with my friend Alfredo. After checking out the beautiful work of masters like Vermeer and Rembrandt, Alfredo suggested we should take some time to do studies in the museum's Greek sculpture area. We drew for hours. It was great! What a change of pace. We were both rusty, but enjoyed every minute of it. I left inspired to get onto to inking and coloring the baseball kid from a previous blog post (update soon to come). The picture above is one of my sculpture studies (it was only a bust) from the Greek sculpture area in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

How does this all connect, right? What am I getting at? This isn't some new discovery of information but more a personal rediscovery of information. The drawings I have been doing are reminding me of the importance of working in different media and the relationship that it creates between different art forms. Each art forms informs another. For example, Animation is basically taking hundreds and hundreds of drawings and playing them at certain speed to create movement. When you boil it down to it's essence you are dealing with one drawing at time, so why not practice your drawing to improve your animation? Your posing will improve. Why not work on composition in drawing? Your staging will improve. Animation is also informing my drawing. One of the things that I took away from AnimationMentor is the importance of planning. You really need to know what you are trying to say or do with a shot. What's the point? Is it entertaining? Those type of questions are helping me draw better. Why bother doing a drawing? What do I want to say with a particular image? I now realize that I need to really know the purpose of a drawing or illustration. Again, I've read this idea of planning in tons of books, but sometimes you aren't ready for a particular lesson. I am now trying to learn color, because I know it's importance in a drawing and in long format like a movie. It's valuable in a single image or thousands of moving images.

The lesson here is to embrace the experience of experimenting in other art forms. You can only improve from it. Try stepping out of your comfort zones by experimenting. Who knows, you may learn a new approach or way of thinking in an area you thought you knew by heart. Keep in mind that each medium can inform the next or vice versa.
It's a truly a "circle of art".